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The Quiet Battle Against the American Press

Last night, Rachel Maddow, in an impressive narrative, revealed that someone sent a forged NSA document to their news tip line The document contained a few clues, which she details expertly in the story, that indicate that a person took an NSA document published by The Intercept in early June and doctored it to… Continue reading The Quiet Battle Against the American Press

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A Question the GOP Must Answer: What Is Your Purpose?

The Washington Post today published a jawdropping background account of the Obama administration’s response to intelligence revelations that Russia had engaged in a cyberwarfare attack on America’s 2016 presidential election, including a specific directive from President Vladimir V. Putin to the operatives involved in the hacking operation. The Obama administration knew of this in early August… Continue reading A Question the GOP Must Answer: What Is Your Purpose?

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McConnell Must Step Down as Majority Leader in Senate

Revelations that President Donald Trump shared highly classified information with the Russians during an Oval Office meeting last week seems to have little importance to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Today he attempted to minimize the story, claiming that he had no concerns that the President could handle classified materials given to him by… Continue reading McConnell Must Step Down as Majority Leader in Senate

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Why Truth No Longer Matters for Some, Part One

Glenn Beck, host of his eponymous political television show that aired on the Fox News Channel from 2009 to 2011, once referred to himself as a “rodeo clown.” And indeed he was, at least for those who found little substance in his special brand of breathless rants, in which he ascribed every possible evil to… Continue reading Why Truth No Longer Matters for Some, Part One

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Comey Interrupted, This Time Literally

This evening, as FBI director James Comey spoke at a bureau recruiting event in Los Angeles, a television news program behind him flashed the story: President Donald Trump had fired him. He laughed and dismissed it as a joke. But it wasn’t. He left the room and confirmed the dismissal via telephone with The White House.… Continue reading Comey Interrupted, This Time Literally

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The House GOP May Have Pulled the Plug… On Their Majority

After seven years of threatening to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare,” the House GOP finally passed a measure that, in the kindest terms, will be a death sentence for many Americans. And that is no exaggeration. Paul Waldman of The Washington Post did not mince words, and said… Continue reading The House GOP May Have Pulled the Plug… On Their Majority

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Comey, Interrupted

An uncanny confluence of news stories emerged today concerning the impact of FBI Director James B. Comey’s letter to Congress concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails, reported publicly on October 28th, just 11 days before the Election Day last year. The political news day began with Comey’s vehement defense of his decision before the Senate Intelligence Committee.… Continue reading Comey, Interrupted