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The Quiet Battle Against the American Press

Last night, Rachel Maddow, in an impressive narrative, revealed that someone sent a forged NSA document to their news tip line The document contained a few clues, which she details expertly in the story, that indicate that a person took an NSA document published by The Intercept in early June and doctored it to… Continue reading The Quiet Battle Against the American Press

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A Question the GOP Must Answer: What Is Your Purpose?

The Washington Post today published a jawdropping background account of the Obama administration’s response to intelligence revelations that Russia had engaged in a cyberwarfare attack on America’s 2016 presidential election, including a specific directive from President Vladimir V. Putin to the operatives involved in the hacking operation. The Obama administration knew of this in early August… Continue reading A Question the GOP Must Answer: What Is Your Purpose?

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The New Civic Army

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Trump presidency has been the explosion of money, people, and legal action to combat an onslaught on the U.S. Constitution by the axe-wielding White House and GOP Congress. A new civic army has arisen: A network of already-established and nascent progressive organizations committed to fighting on every… Continue reading The New Civic Army

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The GOP’s Power Is On Borrowed Time

The GOP’s continued defense of Trump’s haphazard, unvetted, and likely unconstitutional ban on immigrants from seven cherry-picked Muslim-majority nations has reached a Code Red level of cynicism. It is unclear what White House Chief of Staff, and former RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus hopes to gain from his party’s support of Trump’s ban. House Speaker Paul… Continue reading The GOP’s Power Is On Borrowed Time

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Are You Not Alarmed Yet?

Today, not only have two government agencies–the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture–faced vague gag orders on communicating with the public, but the Trump administration continues to govern with his business interests in likely violation of the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, with little to no answer from the Republican Party.… Continue reading Are You Not Alarmed Yet?

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Deeper Than Pink

Today, hundreds of thousands of women in Washington, D.C., and thousands more in all fifty states and cities around the world, march in unison with a call for women’s rights and in resistance to the new Trump administration. The Women’s March on Washington started as a response to shock, but it blossomed into a loud answer… Continue reading Deeper Than Pink

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Democracy Hacked

Late Friday, President-Elect Donald Trump received a full briefing on the “influence campaign” directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, that evolved into an unprecedented effort by Russian hackers to misinform voters and insert meddling information in the form of hacked emails into the national discussion, in order to denigrate Hillary Clinton’s campaign for Trump’s benefit. President… Continue reading Democracy Hacked