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The Quiet Battle Against the American Press

Last night, Rachel Maddow, in an impressive narrative, revealed that someone sent a forged NSA document to their news tip line The document contained a few clues, which she details expertly in the story, that indicate that a person took an NSA document published by The Intercept in early June and doctored it to… Continue reading The Quiet Battle Against the American Press

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Democracy Hacked

Late Friday, President-Elect Donald Trump received a full briefing on the “influence campaign” directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, that evolved into an unprecedented effort by Russian hackers to misinform voters and insert meddling information in the form of hacked emails into the national discussion, in order to denigrate Hillary Clinton’s campaign for Trump’s benefit. President… Continue reading Democracy Hacked

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The Weather Channel Enters the Fray… Yes, The Weather Channel

James Delingpole of, the conservative news and opinion site, cherry-picked facts and developed a misleading analysis on climate change from reports and video published by The Weather Channel online. The article argued that recent cooling because of the transition from El Niño to La Niña conditions refutes the very real threat of climate change: “The… Continue reading The Weather Channel Enters the Fray… Yes, The Weather Channel